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Heroes Of the Old Republic Saber mod (for TSLRCM)

Heroes of the Old Republic Lightsaber Mod v1.0 for TSLRCM

Today I'm releasing a big lightsaber modification for Kotor2 TSL, that works and plays well with TSLRCM by Darth Stoney and Zybl2.
Ive been learning and working on it for 5 months now and have gotten it to where I will release it. There will be a couple of updates Im sure
What this is is 50 new hilt models, which break down into 16 "hero" sabers, the 7 companion sabers, 5 masters sabers, Sion and Nihilus', and most importantly, the Exile hilt, which you will get from Atris on the second and final meeting with her. It also replaces the games 9 default single handed hilts with new ones (future version will replace double bladed).

Comments and criticisms are welcome, as this is the first mod Ive done.
Feel free to post here I guess, is'nt that how this works? I don't know im new here.
Sorry for not having pics right now, I can have those up shortly..

Thanks muchy!! Qui-Don Jorn

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