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Instead of becoming less confused, Tandra was drawn into an even greater conundrum. "Wait a minute," she said, holding up her right palm to stop Xander from speaking further. "So, the original Lyna Honso was a Jedi, and she was either killed or died of natural causes. Thus, Lyna was cloned, and you want me to contact the other side to find out where the clone is." She closed her eyes. "Most people who want me to reach out to the world beyond this physical one have not had cloned loved ones. In this case, no matter which spirit I find, it could either be the dead Lyna or the living one. They're like mirror images of one another, if the original Lyna Honso's spirit hasn't become one with the Force altogether." She concentrated upon the picture he handed her. "That doesn't mean I won't try. It seems we have no other choice, because I don't think you intend to take us back to the Mara Jade Skywalker Memorial Medical Center anytime soon." She smiled wryly.

Concentrating upon Lyna's picture, Tandra closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Then, after a moment, she said, "Lyna? Lyna Honso?" A pause. "My name is Tandra Kerthian, and I'm...what would be called a 'medium'. I can speak with the spirits of the dead, and--no, no, don't run away..." She suddenly convulsed, as if in pain, and opened her bloodshot eyes again.

"Her spirit vanished," Tandra replied. "I can't tell whether it's the soul of the clone that I saw, or the spirit of the dead Jedi. Whichever one it was, she turned and fled deeper into the netherworld as soon as she seemed to sense who I was." She raised an eyebrow. "Why would she sense hostility in me? I wasn't trying to harm her."
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