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Mod and Character Build Questions

Hello all.

It's been a long time since I've played through KOTOR and I got the sudden desire to fire it back up. Before doing so however, I wanted to see if there had been any developments as far as mods went. After a while of bouncing around various sites I find myself here. I skimmed through the forums, but it doesn't look like there is any kind of a central repository for mods (in the spirit of the Nexus sites. The one for Fallout 3 can be found here and the others can be found by clicking the favicons in the upper right corner of that page.)

1.) I thought, since I have a couple other questions to ask anyway, that I might ask for your help discovering mods too. I'm wondering if there are any "unofficial patch" mods, and by that I mean mods that work to fix bugs and balancing issues as much as possible while changing as little as possible. Also, any hi-resolution texture mods. I'm not looking for ones that change character, armor, or weapon appearance, except by increasing visual quality that is.

2.) I seem to recall there being a bug with the Bastila romance line that if you took the plotline so far but then talked to her again it would (due to a bug) cancel the romance entirely. Skimming through the forums I couldn't find anything acknowledging that bug though. Does this bug exist or am I just remembering incorrectly? If it does exist, is there a mod that fixes this and only this (or if such a fix is rolled into an "unofficial patch" mod that works too)? I know about the "better romance scene" mod, but that goes beyond what I would like changed (assuming it even fixes the bug anyway).

3.) Taking a break from mods, one of the things I always toyed with the idea of doing, but never got around to actually trying was a solo run. Unfortunately, even with my team there my character has always been far too weak to attempt such a thing. I suspect it's because I've always had a difficult time understanding how many points to put in what stats and how much of an impact they make. Is there a build (I assume it would be soldier/guardian) that makes you just disgustingly powerful to the point of making a full game solo run (except where team members are necessary) possible?

Thanks for the help guys and I apologize if I'm coming off as an extreme n00b here.
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