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Originally Posted by Drakmyth View Post
I skimmed through the forums, but it doesn't look like there is any kind of a central repository for mods
Well, there is Taris Upper City Emporium, which is where new mods are announced (which to this date is still pretty active). I'd keep an eye out to the Mod of the Year contestants, they're usually th best stuff, though some jewels are never picked.

1.) I thought, since I have a couple other questions to ask anyway, that I might ask for your help discovering mods too. I'm wondering if there are any "unofficial patch" mods, and by that I mean mods that work to fix bugs and balancing issues as much as possible while changing as little as possible. Also, any hi-resolution texture mods. I'm not looking for ones that change character, armor, or weapon appearance, except by increasing visual quality that is.
There is no reference unofficial patch that I can think of for KotOR, since, the official stuff covers it nicely. For The Sith Lords things are a bit different, but that's not what you're asking.

As for hi-res textures, maybe you should try looking into Xarwarz's Visual Enhancement Mod 2011, which you can download the re-textures individually for each place. I have yet to try this new version but it looks sweet.

2.) I seem to recall there being a bug with the Bastila romance line that if you took the plotline so far but then talked to her again it would (due to a bug) cancel the romance entirely. Skimming through the forums I couldn't find anything acknowledging that bug though. Does this bug exist or am I just remembering incorrectly? If it does exist, is there a mod that fixes this and only this (or if such a fix is rolled into an "unofficial patch" mod that works too)? I know about the "better romance scene" mod, but that goes beyond what I would like changed (assuming it even fixes the bug anyway).
There is such a bug after you "kiss" Bastila and the screen goes black. However, this has never happened to me and I have the impression it's not a common mishap. So, I'm sorry if I can't provide you with any links, since I never download a fix for that.

3.) Taking a break from mods, one of the things I always toyed with the idea of doing, but never got around to actually trying was a solo run. Unfortunately, even with my team there my character has always been far too weak to attempt such a thing. I suspect it's because I've always had a difficult time understanding how many points to put in what stats and how much of an impact they make. Is there a build (I assume it would be soldier/guardian) that makes you just disgustingly powerful to the point of making a full game solo run (except where team members are necessary) possible?
Never even thought about it, honestly. But Soldier/Guardian all the way if you really wanna do this. It's basically the two tank classes combined. While, in TSL, all you need to do is master Force Powers that damage muliple targets as a Sith Lord/Jedi Master, and you can essentially kill everything in your way. For K1, mastering most melee weapon/lightsaber feats, Master Flurry, dual-wield and acquiring said Force Powers should make your task easier.

Thanks for the help guys and I apologize if I'm coming off as an extreme n00b here.
No reason to, you do sound like you know what you're talking about.


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