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Originally Posted by storm-rider View Post
For the Uk version there was to patches, 1.0a and 1.0b, as for the affinity thing seen as ur on xp i dont think u have to do it. If it still doesnt work then i suggest u try Kotor 2 tsl to see if that works, if so then the Mod should work, other than that i dont know what else you can try, im currently on vista and havent used Xp in a while
Nope, still dosn't work... I really don't wanna play thrue the whole game again, so if i it is any other way, it would be great. Ya think i should install the other patch to?
One thing that can be the problem can be that when i had played thrue the tslrcm and uninstalled it, i couldn't start tsl "at all", then i uninstalled it at the controll panell and i havn't played it since then. That "can" be the problem, not most likely but maybe...
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