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Originally Posted by .:Sam:. View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it work in-game if you simply compiled it and had it as the OnEnter script in the modules .are file?
Yes and no.... if you edit modules directly, you can encounter mod compatibility issues. It is a better way to use the script injection method of using the OnEnter in the override, as you avoid causing problems for other mods and your own upon installation.

It is also easier to troubleshoot mod compatibility this way. In the case of BoS and Redhawke's Jawa Shop, I found that the problem between the two was conflicting OnEnter's, which I never would have found (or at least not as quickly) if they were buried in the .mod. In that case, all I had to do was rename a file and change the OnEnter to find the new filename and both mods worked.

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