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How's the roleplaying in this game? By this, I mean:

--Are there multiple dialogue options, including ones that you get ONLY if you have the right skills and/or stats (Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, etc.)?

--Can you "hit it off" with any of your companions, either male or female?

--Do the NPC's seem like they have a personality when they give you quests?

--Are there certain quests/dialogue options you can and can't do because you're in good (or persona non grata) with certain people and factions?

--Any hunka-hunka burnin' love (or at least burnin' lust) options?

--Do minor decisions' outcomes show up in the game as well as major ones?

--Do you think the RPing experience is just as satisfying as all the killing?

If the answer to your last question is "no", what games should I wait for?

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