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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
How's the roleplaying in this game? By this, I mean:

--Are there multiple dialogue options, including ones that you get ONLY if you have the right skills and/or stats (Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, etc.)?
--Can you "hit it off" with any of your companions, either male or female
Can't say much about NV yet, Tysy, but judging by F3, then no. Although you can have a good time with hookers and the like, party members are scarce and you'll find yourself running solo most of time. Yeah, that's it, party memebers are more of hindrance than a helping hand. Especially if they're using melee weapons and constantly get between your gun and the enemy.

--Do the NPC's seem like they have a personality when they give you quests?
No, God, no in F3. As for NV, word is that there's more soul on the game, but I'm not sure yet.

--Are there certain quests/dialogue options you can and can't do because you're in good (or persona non grata) with certain people and factions?

--Any hunka-hunka burnin' love (or at least burnin' lust) options?
Refer to your second question.

--Do minor decisions' outcomes show up in the game as well as major ones?
Yes, kinda. There are permanent character features called "Perks" that you can select as you level up AND, seldomly, by doing certain stuff on your playthrough. Like in F3, when after storming a Giant Fire Ants anthill and completing a related quest, you get a fire resistance perk.

There's also the fact that most of the NPCs, except for the main storyline ones, are killable. So shoot a store clerk/owner dead and you will never be able to buy from him/her again. One more thing is the multiple ways you have to do a quest.

Plus, consequences are supposedly expanded with the new factions/reputation mechanic, since your deeds can get you aligned with a certain faction while shunned by another, or accepted and acclaimed by a group and hated by some other.

--Do you think the RPing experience is just as satisfying as all the killing?
Hard to tell. Personally, I don't think I'd play this game if I couldn't shoot/hack/slash anyone. At least Hardcore mode makes it look more RPGish.


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