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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
I think, I leave it to any graphics enhancements projects, just like I did with MI1. There are quite some inconsistencies in the drawings, which fortunately don't interfere with gameplay.
I figured that would be the case. Thought I'd better mention it to make sure, though. = )

Have finished Parts III and IV now - not much at all from these! Part II was definitely the meatiest part, I think. Anyway, here they are:

Dialogue Changes
LeChuck's Fortress:
I will then take your bones... = I will take your bones...

Talking to Chester on Dinky:
How hard could that be? = How hard can that be?

You know, this doll reminds me of the Stretchy Muscleman I had as a kid. - I know this line has already been changed to match the audio, but I would suggest one tweak to the text: re-instating the from the original Stretchy Strongman™ version of the line. ™s are a staple of Monkey Island, and besides, most other "products" in MI2 have one - see Stan's Kozy Krypts™, Ash-2-Life™, or for an example from the same scene, Junior Ultra Soldier Commando Assault Vehicle™. As a result, I feel Stretchy Muscleman™ would work better here than the current version without the ™.
But you've got to see-- = You've got to see--
No chance, you'll just rip out my lungs when I get close. = No chance, you'll just rip my lungs out when I get close.

-In the first scene of Part III, the delivery man with red hair looks miscoloured. The darkest shade of his skin is instead incredibly bright. I am guessing this is probably something like the Bartender issue I brought up before and thus cannot be fixed, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.
-The Parrot on Dinky has whistle sound effects that still overlap with some of its' dialogue. Since all these SFX are replaced with voice clips in the SE, I'm guessing this will be eventually fixed when the extra/updated SFX from the SE start being implemented.
-In the Finalé, the elevator and Juju bag are missing sound FX. I know adding sound to the Juju bag was mentioned as a fix that'd already been done in the v0.1 update list, so this confused me a little. Don't know if it makes any difference, but the room I used the bag in was the Mêlée Island back alley.

That seems to be it for now! Obviously this was only a single playthrough, so I didn't get to test quite all of the available dialogue options, but I was as thorough as I could be within that limitation. Hopefully this playthrough as a whole has captured a good amount of bugs + changes. = )
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