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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
How's the roleplaying in this game? By this, I mean:
--Can you "hit it off" with any of your companions, either male or female
Just want to clear this up a bit; kind of. It depends on what gender your character is, and whatnot. (For example, getting the companion Archade Gannon can be a bit hard as he has a very tough speech check. But, if you are male and have the 'Confirmed Bachelor' perk, you can flirt your way into making him your companion, ignoring the check. I also read you can flirt with another female companion that goes by the name of Cass.. though I think that is as far as it gets.)

Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Are your companions slowly "unlockable" (you activate new dialogue and/or abilities the more you talk and interact with them)?
Yeah. It's kind of cool (compared to Fallout 3, at least) as they will specifically make remarks depending on the environment you are at. It takes them some time to completely open up, but it isn't like the Bioware 'you have leveled, now speak to me' method, and they will instead approach you. You gain perks for having the companions in your party. By completing their quests, your companion gains a perk.

I'm loving the game; just beat it for the first time today in a somewhat unplanned-speedthrough. Major Spoilers Beware!
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Getting ready for my next playthrough now, hoping to finally find Veronia and ED-E.
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