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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Do you think the RPing experience is just as satisfying as all the killing?
If you are looking for a more cerebral RPG, this is not it. As I said to you in an earlier post, Bethesda's take on the franchise is essentially a FPS. Obsidian have tinkered with a couple of things with New Vegas, but it's still functionally identical. If you still want to shoot things but do so more on your own terms, you may want to wait for Deus Ex 3, which will allow you to go through the game pretty much without killing anyone (aside from maybe one or two characters).

Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Can you "hit it off" with any of your companions, either male or female?
As a male, your only choice of females is Cass, and she tells you straight off the bat that you aren't getting any. Veronica is a lesbian, so female PCs might have better luck there, but it seems that followers are completely off limits. As Ctrl Alt Del said, there's a few hookers around to get your rocks off with. There are a couple in the Strip, and a couple in the outlying Vegas zones. I don't think there are any outside Vegas (not that I've seen anyway).

Originally Posted by Meowster View Post
Getting ready for my next playthrough now, hoping to finally find Veronia and ED-E.
You can find them here:
ED-E is in Primm and Veronica is at the 188 Trading Post

If you get Veronica though be aware that she suffers from one of the numerous bugs in the game and doesn't level (so she'll be creamed later in the game). Until it's patched, use this mod to fix it on PC - If you are on a console then I guess you are out of luck. She also has very buggy behaviour after doing her personal quest, so I'd hold off on completing that until after an official patch.
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