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((Atlast, after long waiting: Cade's intro ^.^))

It was pouring with rain over the expanding cities of Zeltros. Night brought about the illumination of the skyscrapers, flying speeders and the population below living within amongst the atmosphere of leisure and corruption.

Atop of a tall building, stood the dark knight wearing a heavy exoskeleton powersuit glowing with blue streaks and defining shoulder pads. His face was covered with a black helmet, bearing features similar to that of Mandalorian design.

He held his sniper rifle, the scope eyeing the sexual predator hunting amongst the alley ways. His specialities ended with drug trafficing and slave trading. Reaper had been hunting him for weeks.

The stalking Zeltron took a glance at a passing bystander. It was when he moved his foot, Reaper fired his sniper rifle. The bolt casted through the rain and pierced through the Zeltrons heart. Reaper stood up and disasembled his sniper rifle. The local authorities would deal with the body - at he didnt pose as a threat any longer.

Nobody had ever seen Reaper's real face under his helmet. It was hard to tell what he was thinking, and feeling. But his mind pondered over the death of his beloved comrade, Lyna Honso: whom had died face-to-face against Darth Sethos; Master of the Imperial and Sith Empire. But that was a long time ago. Reaper was a different person...
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