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Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Quannon - The one I followed is a video tutorial, it's part of a series of tutorials you made (roughly 13 videos I think). Is that the one I should follow or do you have a different one that would be better to use.
Mmm, at this point the videos are the best tutorials I have online. Though it seems Part13 has a broken link to it. Infact I need to re-upload that bit. But I can't find it anywhere on my PC

But, to anwser your question: My way of making areas has changed over time, more experience by doing and stuff... it's that I need to redo those videos.

I think I could do better to explain it all, give better and more indepth information about, well everything involved with area modelling.

These old videos are good enough if you got a small area, once you go to say regular or big sizes, then... well then it won't work aswell :-S

I'll shall do my best to create some new vids up.

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