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Force unleashed 2 pc version has bugs...

Well, okay the game has many flaws...

The first and biggest flaw is that sometimes after longer period of time spent playing the game the textures may become black everywhere and u have to restart game.

The second flaw is that the second grapple is not working , you start animation for it and then the enemy is teleporting back to the ground with light speed ( ) .

The third biggest flaw is that in cutscenes where cameras change u see details popping up , its 0,2 second but u notice it anyway.

and fourth flaw is that reflections and wet startkiller's dress are bugged.

Sabers are not reflected on the wet ground with rain on kamino ( and other surfaces in next levels)

And they are reflected in xbox360 and ps3 versions, I checked.

One more thing - Starkillers costume is not moving with wind during freefall - like in x360/ps3 version.

Also Starkiller's dress is not wet, its perfectly dry when its raining and on console versions its so wet that it changed color to darker. I've seen it on the console demo.

Here's how it looks on xbox360

(couldnt capture steady moment with sabers because its cut out from gameplay movie)

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