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“Then perhaps now you know that such thing as a clockwork is not to be trusted. Ever,” said Anita to both men after Robert finished his explanation. She glanced at Anthony’s mechanical arm one more time. “It’s your mess to clean and I have my objectives. However, I feel that there may be a good chance that I find my target faster if I find this scourge. If you’re looking to stop it I’d get along.

“One thing I’ve learned that the fastest way of killing something is to learn more about it. Do any of you know something that might be of help on the quest?”

At this moment, the man who had just been resurrected let out a hem. “Eh, there was a bunch of gnomes working closely on the project downstairs. They might know a thing or two.”

Anita didn’t hold the gnome race in a very high esteem. To her, they were abominations. Creatures with true and natural affinity with magic that had forfeit their magical talents in detriment to working with clockworks. She wasn’t exactly disgusted but the thought of enlisting their help didn’t amuse her. At least it would be fun to watch them destroying their own work.

“How deep should we go?” she asked, turning to Anthony and Robert, “To find these gnomes, I mean.”


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