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A bit of an update of goings-ons from the HR forums...

Difficulty Levels
Somebody got an interview from someone from EM, who said that the game won't have difficulty levels, in favour of self-adjusting difficulty. This was refuted by another member of EM who gave a much clearer (and much better-sounding) answer:
"We are indeed working on 3 difficulty levels: casual, normal and Deus Ex. We are conscious that not everybody wants the same things out of their games. Some play for the challenge, others for the narrative. We wanted players to be able to enjoy the game, regardless of their proficiency level. As for why a Deus Ex level, I believe it comes from reading the forums.
Some people were worried that we’d dumb down the game and make it too easy; that combat would prevail and overshadow the stealth aspect because players wouldn’t die with just a few bullets, especially with the introduction of health regen.Well this level has been tweaked for them. Enjoy."

3 difficulty levels: Casual, Normal and 'Deus Ex'
No word on what the Deus Ex level has, i.e. whether it has classic-style health and the full monty.

A new image of Fedorova, a front-up shot of the super-poly model used for the CG trailers.

New Footage
Clickity 2, The Revenge of Clickity
A more Deus-Ex-y preview than the last, and this one even shows what they've done with the HUD so far, which I like a lot - doesn't get in the way at all. Note that Adam can still drag bodies while using a pistol with both hands... don't ask.

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