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Originally Posted by Blended View Post
don't really know where you get the 7-8 hours from :S.. it took me around 3 hours
what did you do ? played till the middle, got killed and stopped there?
if thats the case then on my first playthrough it only took me 5 minutes to complete it as I got killed pretty early (after that I plugged in a gamepad)
so I guess that makes it a 5 minute game, right?

No seriously there's something just not right here. I've read some reviews and peoples comments and I have the feeling that I must be playing some other game.

some guys complain about the 30 frames lock and how unplayable the game is because of it (it's neither slow nor unplayable- it's quite good actually)
others about how poor the graphics are compared to the 360 as they are grey and blurry and there are graphic options missing like there is no AA or higher res (there are both AA and high ress options and the graphics are actually shinier and cleaner than the 360)
and then theres this guy that claims that the pc version is chopped up compared to the 360 as there is missing content like the level where you pilot the star destroyer (what the... there is no such level in the 360 or anywhere)
and finally there are those who say that the game is very short like 2-3 hours long
So you guys are saying that you played through all the levels (not speedran-that's hardly playing), killing everyone, collecting everything, getting both endings and doing everything there is to do in the game on normal or higher difficulty in 2-3 hours?
And without cheating or using a walkthrough?
So that is what like 50 to 80 minutes per path playthrough plus another 20 for the chalenges and messing around?
The boss fights alone take around 40 minutes if you add them all together
But whatever

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