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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
My take on this simple. It might be a privacy violation but we have always had to endure much more. When paying our taxes, we inform the government of pretty much everything we've acquired or payed on that year; credit card companies keep tabs on you and maybe even your relatives' expenses; personal information is shared all the time, even though you'd rather keep it to youself - both on the personal and profissional level. It's only a matter of time until this becomes one more thing we take for granted and no one else will remember to complain about, with few exceptions.

Nonetheless, such measures are much more easily implanted in places that are afraid of something. That something being terrorism and those places the western countries. You'll witness much less public resistance than there'd be in other times.

That's mighty different, though. You go to the sauna just for fun and even there you don't have to strip naked. You're given a towel or, at least the ones I've been to, are allowed to keep your swimsuit on. But airplanes are whole different deal; people need to use it, for work and travel. If they must submit to this exposure, then "not flying" is not really much of choice, seeing as "take a bus, then" isn't either.
Towels (the things you use there are not actual towels, you are supposed to sit on top of them ) are really a total blasphemy you know... Its like drawing a picture of Muhammad shaking hands with the christian God and them both wearing novelty glasses (including noses and Hitler-mustaches). In swimming halls you are required to take even your swimsuits off because the water contains checmicals that, when vaporized, are dangerous. I have only seen swimsuits worn in saunas when both men and women go at the same time. But what i said about the sauna wasnt exactly on topic, it was a reply to the post i quoted

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