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Will never see another dime from this PC user.

After farce unleashed and the horrible job you all did on it, I figured I would give you bastards another try thinking "They can't **** it up twice", well color me an idiot I was dead wrong.

Seriously, I have a Radeon 5870, an i7, 12 gigs of ram and windows 7. Yet even when I set the game on 800X600 and EVERYTHING turned off the game runs at 5fps. And just to check I loaded it up on another computer in the house which has 2 8800GT's in it and turned everything to max and it ran fine. So I loaded it up on another computer in the house that has 2 460's in it and it ran perfectly maxed out at 1080p.

I literally just updated my ATI drivers yesterday, so I know that's not the problem.

But those computers aren't "my" computers, they are roommate's computers which I can't sit there and play on for hours on. So tell me what the hell you bastards made me waste $50 on this pile of crap for again? FIX IT NOW!

Yes I'm cursing, and yes I'm pissed because I just want to play the stupid game I bought on MY computer!
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