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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
My take on this simple. It might be a privacy violation but we have always had to endure much more. When paying our taxes, we inform the government of pretty much everything we've acquired or payed on that year; credit card companies keep tabs on you and maybe even your relatives' expenses; personal information is shared all the time, even though you'd rather keep it to youself - both on the personal and profissional level. It's only a matter of time until this becomes one more thing we take for granted and no one else will remember to complain about, with few exceptions.
Exceptions being identity thieves in the form of hackers and people who can duplicate whatever ID reader technology being used. Any entity that wants to use publicly available info against you. Your entire credit/medical/criminal history being available at the snap of fingers to anyone.

Still, I find it just creepy that my own local trash collection center keeps tabs on everything that everybody in town owns. I only wish I were exaggerating. FBI is there all the time.

I hope I haven't bored them too much.

Nonetheless, such measures are much more easily implanted in places that are afraid of something. That something being terrorism and those places the western countries. You'll witness much less public resistance than there'd be in other times.
Yeah. I was an advocate for going after terrorists (more out of anger than anything), however my view on it was nuanced. And ignored because it was a shade of gray in a strongly black or white polarization. And insulted as being paranoid and a conspiracy theorist.

My thoughts on the matter were that such measures of controls should be limited with a sharp focus on what areas the gov't. is allowed. NOT given widespread, generalized and vague powers. It had its obvious necessity for the time being, not indefinitely. Oh, and time limits with assessments at the end of such periods.

Just a bit of a critical something so wrong with that?

I digress... As it related to this story, my opinion is the guy is overreacting a bit; still I can understand the dignity aspect of the guy and even relate to what a pain in the neck things like TSA are.

Guess I'm one of the fortunate ones who don't need to use planes for travel much.
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