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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
The 360 version has two maps; Local (the one it sounds like you're referring to here here) and World. The World map can be navigated, the view can be zoomed, makers can be placed, etc.
The interface is the same across all versions. I was referring to the world map. The fact that you can (and indeed have to) scroll around emphasises precisely the point I was making. That is, that a rectangular map would be perfectly fine as you can never see the entire map at once, you only ever see a zoomed-in square section of it. And even if the drawn map you see on the PipBoy needed to be square, that wouldn't necessitate actual physical geometry in areas you couldn't normally see or access. Which goes back to my previous point about the mystery of the inaccessible areas. Including them merely to make a square map wouldn't seem to be necessary, thus I am curious about their purpose.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Out of curiosity, DP, have you ever found a game that you actually liked?
I like lots of games. For instance, the fact that I am heavily involved with a certain mod attempting to recreate a ludicrously large game in another engine that has already taken a year and will likely take several more (assuming it reaches conclusion) could possibly indicate some level of fondness towards it. However, liking a game doesn't mean that I can't be critical of its flaws. Generally speaking, the more I like a game, the more I hold it up to close scrutiny (we hurt the ones we love the most and all that). As an example, you don't see me posting the Fable thread/s because I played the first one, found it to be garbage and walked away from the series completely. I liked Fallout 1 and 2. I wanted to like Fallout 3 (and it did have its moments, despite Bethesda). New Vegas is not without its charms, but unless you are a blindly rabid Obsidian fanboy it is also very clearly not a game without flaws.
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