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Last month, Trex replied to an email I sent him. He said the following:

I'll definitely be posting something sometime soon. If nothing else, I need to ask some people for some help on LF. (I need a tree model, for instance.)
Before you all get too hopeful, I have to point out this is the same person that said the following in an email dated August 12, 2009:
I'm still progressing on the 2.0. Although I'm still tweaking textures, I think I'm finally satisfied with the revised versions.

Some of the voice actors haven't gotten back to me. I'd be annoyed, but I suppose something might have happened to them. I might have to do some auditions again, most notably Bastila and Canderous.

The release will be a little while yet, but hopefully not too long.
Speed is apparently not his strong suit (LOL) but if you want a speedier reply, go to his website and send him an email from there.

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