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((Sorry for taking long, peeps. And welcome back, PK! ))

The young clone was on the ground, hurting a little. "He's good, I gotta admit. But not as good as me!" Before his lightsabers could touch her, she jumped out of the way quickly, not even using the Force. She relied on it... but she knew she had to trust her natural abilities as well.

She deativated her lightsaber and placed it on her utility belt. Then she clenched her fists and stood in a defense stance. "C'mon, Isaac. Surely you can beat me in a hand-to-hand combat." Lyna knew that she had to get back to her mission on finding Cade and Sethos... but if proving her skills to Isaac meant getting trust, then it was fine by her.


Rav was in his chamber, contacting an old apprentice. One that he liked and disliked. After the hologram came through, Rav grinned. "Well, well. If it isn't Reaper. Or that's what you call yerself nowadays, after the you-know-what." He laughed. Then he said, "I got a job for you, myo buckee..."
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