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For the longest time

Post KOTOR: Bastila and Helena make some amends

The piece is well wrought. The scene well laid and clear. Definitely worth the effort of reading.

Pick of the Week

Brightest Possibility

Pre KOTOR: Carth meets his son for the first time

A bright vision from Carth’s past as he sees his son for the first time. The piece is a perfect vignette.

The Price Paid

Pre KOTOR: The battle is won, but Jolee loses his wife in the bargain

The action is hot and heavy, and the only problem I had with it was having Nayama go to the dark side was a bit contrived.

You Might Die Trying, Chapter 1

Follow on to the Prologue: The Jedi arrange a prison break

The piece flows very well and the acrimonious pilot they picked up was choice.

A Pair of Sparkling Eyes

Pre KOTOR: In an interesting switch, Carth sits at home waiting while Morgana goes to war

The piece is rife with the problems a single male parent might have; accidentally breaking things, problems with the vacuuming, not being a good cook compared to the wife, that kind of thing. The ending is good, merely switching the characters out. As someone else commented, a vengeful engineer…

Shadow Revan

Post KOTOR: Driven by remembering what she had been, not what she has become, Carth walks out on Revan

I think all of us at one time or another have felt lost and hurt in a relationships, so we can understand Carth’s feelings here. As memories return, he feels more left out in the cold, and finally embraces it rather than returning.

A Journal by Thomas Ordainas - Book 1
The Lady Revan

Post KOTOR: An ancient journal records snippets from Revan and other people as it changes hands.

The piece is interesting in that we see each event from outside. Her brother, Malak, Bastila, even a couple of masters are recorded, all for the enjoyment of a very young girl.

Bad Dream

Post KOTOR: With Revan running mission after mission for the Jedi Council, Carth has a depressing dream.

Turnabout is obviously fair play here. While he waits at home with their daughter, it is his wife who is going out all the time, with the chance that she will not return. The argument was short but sweet; his wanting to be one of the most important people in her life, and begging her to stay.

Pick of the Week

Dear Brother

Post KOTOR: Carth’s evil twin returns to take up the relationship with Revan

The piece might be interesting later on, but evil twin stories are a dime a dozen.

Secret Whisper 92

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Love flourishes.

The piece is a bit fluffy as the author said, and having Mira and Mical get together is not a bad end, even though it is a bit bizarre.

Star Wars: Unique Clones
Delta 811

Pre Clone wars: A simulation is carried out flawlessly

You forgot conversation breaks a couple of times. OH, and one minor aside, WIA (Wounded in action) are defined as casualties.


KOTOR on the Rakata homeworld

The piece is fast, irreverent, and at times confusing. The idea that Juhani was added to the crew only because the Jedi Masters wanted her dead but couldn’t admit it was funny. The Russian accent was confusing.

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