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Issac grinned a little Lyna was underestimating him, all of this now how ever was not advancing them any further to what could be their common goal. Issac placed his right handed saber back on his belt holster that was behind him. While his left handed one disappeared up his sleeve. For a little humor sake on his part however Issac raised his hand and tapped lightly upon his right cheek as a sign that maybe she should check hers. She still had a lot to learn, and moving more quickly was one of them. The mark itself was not blood or anything, but simply a red mark from what she moved Isaac had adjusted himself just enough that the end of his lightsaber would graze her cheek leaving a small scratch.

"I assume you have a ship. We have wasted enough time with this game. We've already drawn enough attention to ourselves." Issac said that last part as he looked around, some people watching in fear and fascination.

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