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Very well.

Name: Cade Skywalker (aka Reaper)
Age: 22
Gender Male
Species: Human
Appearance: credit goes to Master-Cyrus (if image doesnt work, clicky)
Occupation: Freelancer and Vigilante
Weapons: EDD Multitask Rifle (Essentially a Sniper and Pulse Rifle all wrapped into one), Blue Lightsaber.
Biography: Cade has underwent a massive Transformation since the Death of his beloved comrade; Lyna Honso. Since then, Cade resituated at Zeltros where he pursued the life of a freelancer and Vigilante on the streets - the locals labeling him as the "Reaper of the Nightsky". Cade punishes crime through his own methods appropriatly, inspired and driven by his recently deseast loved one.
Pre-Service History: CLICKY
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