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Alright, here we go

Name: Kuyl "Kyle" Jekiri Magnolavich Terthon (Business name: Kuyl Terthon)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Stands tall at 6'4', with short closely-cropped black hair. His face has very sharpened features with a scar on his right eye (one brown, the other blue), which leaves the eye-lid partially closed. He is muscular and built with a constancy to that of a tank.

When in combat, he wears black standard issue (though pirated) Imperial armor with a gray camouflage setting. He wears a heavily modified helmet similar to that of a Mandalorian but in the build of old Imperial scout troopers. When not in combat, he is in gray combat fatigues.

Occupation: Mercenary, military officer-for-hire (a military adviser meant to raise armies), small-time smuggler, and information broker.

Weapons: Gauntlet rocket-launchers, a modified standard military blaster, vibro-blades, and SAR-67 Grenade launcher.

Personality: Generally, Kuyl is a pleasant fellow, with a very unpleasant profession. He has a tendency to be cold and overlooks the damage, both physical and emotional, that his decisions in the field make. He usually get on a person's good side quickly, but often has ulterior motives that prevent him from being truly altruistic. His friends often end up dead due to this. Somehow, he is oblivious to it.

Homeworld: Corulag

Ship: The Swift Strike

Bio: Kuyl Terthon was bred for the very reason of being one of the New Empire's most Elite commandoes, a group which was dubbed "The Black Nine." He was taken from his family and indoctrinated on the Imperial world, Corulag (conflicting records suggest he had no parents, that he was rather the result of a test tube), and for the first 17 years of his life were spent in the most strenuos training the Empire had to offer. However, upon his deployment at age 18, with the sudden conflict that would shatter the morale of the New Empire as well as take out the "Black Nine's" future commander, Darth Krayt, the project was terminated. Which meant that the Nine were to be destroyed as well.

This didn't bode well with Kuyl, and he along with 4 other of the Nine used their elite skills to break out of Corulag and make their way in the galaxy as some of the best gun-for-hires and Military Adviser's there was to boot. And with the chaos following the recent conflict, business for Kuyl has been good, a little too good, that is, until Darth Sethos made his mark. Now, Kuyl is forced on the defensive from new Imperial sanctions...given two options, either join those who oppose Sethos, or return to the Empire....with the head of those who dare oppose the Sith.

you very much
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