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The Jedi Knight, as soon as she could see straight, found herself being attended to by a skilled medical team. Thanks for putting some medical gelsalve on that gash below my left eye, she thought, although--ow!--it does sting a little. Thank you also for ignoring the giant sweat stains in my armpit area. Sheesh! Perdante didn't exactly know why she was being so sensitive about the issue of her...fragrance, but it didn't exactly make for a good first impression meeting the locals on this new planet. Commander Tu'un seemed nice enough, if a little too stern. If it was answers he wanted, she'd give them by the dozen as soon as the medics were finished making sure none of her body parts were seriously damaged. That landing had been one Force-loving--

She tried to wink at Sal, but a nurse told her not to move her injured eye...
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