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Reaper returned to his headquaters/safe house. It was an old apartment building by the river side, that had been abandoned for some time. Reaper and his collegues managed to resurect the place by restoring electricity using Solar Panels and Hydroelectrical Generators. It was also fortified with sentry guns and a security defence system.

Reaper returned to his chambers. Just as he was about to remove his helmet, he heard a constant beeping from the holographic portable terminal. He switched it on, to see a projection of Rav; one of his old ties.

"Well, well. If it isn't Reaper. Or that's what you call yerself nowadays, after the you-know-what."

Reaper crossed his arms, unimpressed. "I got a job for you, myo buckee..."

"Cut the crap! I hardly have the time, nor patience to deal with you. Get to the point..."
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