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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
If you wait 3-4 game days all the NPC's should have a fresh supply of caps and new inventory for stores, etc.
No luck. It might be a bug considering even people I have never played against simply make no bets. At least I'm making some solid money at Blackjack.

Originally Posted by Meowster View Post
Is it just me, or are the new companions grand? Veronica probably has more character than any of the characters in Fallout 3. Boone's storyline was great.. I felt bad for him, and his mission was fun. Cass was a lot of fun too.
Still have only met two companions so far: Arcade and Rex. Rex is meh, about the same I expected from Dogmeat and any dog really. People go all "that's the ****" when we're talking about a dog companion but I never saw the fun on it, in this game nor in Fable. Alas.


.Bioshock inspiration.

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