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Remove compressed/unstable crystal effects?

So, TFU2 can be modded. That's great! Now how would one go about removing those ugly pulsing/swirling effects on sabers? In TFU it was easy, you just selected a color crystal without those effects. Not so in TFU2. I've been looking through the files, trying to find a way to remove them, either by editing the .xml files or the textures directly (should be pretty simple, find the texture for the effect and replace it with a blank one). However, so far no luck.

Edit: Nevermind, figured it out. If you want to disable these effects, go to pak3.lp and locate the following files:

Game\Disc\VFX\Weapons\Common\Saber\LightSaber_Puls e_ON_01.vfx
Game\Disc\VFX\Weapons\Common\Saber\LightSaber_Flam e_ON_01.vfx

Each of these files contains a section that begins with <renderpasses> and ends with </renderpasses>. Either delete or comment out (by adding <!-- and --> before and after) this section.

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