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Just make TFU 3 good if you're making one. not the load of BS we have right now. This whole starkiller thing was pointless. Instead you wanna show tru force unleashed, you should've focused on the time line between RoTS and ANH with vader as the protagonist... that would've been wayyy better. I don't like the idea of calling myself unleashed and then having to dodge sniper rifle shots or getting pushed around by riot troopers. Here's my version.

Let the camera be more OTS like arkham asylum, so you actually get the sense of how tall and overpowering the guy is, accomplishing about 50% of the "unleashed" idea.

Secondly, new combat system, 2 laser blasts are enough to kill you, so you add a timed block system. Finally for combat, i would suggest an interactive, environment based control scheme. THis scheme is very popular and has not been that explored yet. Only true crime: hong kong and Assassin's creed 2 have explored this a little. It gives access to more satisfying combat moves and finishers, plus just imagine what you could do with the force??? Remember that pre-vis force power video? That will be a 100% possible. Another example would be: 4 troopers in front of you, Slash first one effectively beheading him, then do a saber throw and impale the second one leaving your saber there. Proceed to choke the 3rd one with a nice camera close up or any other effect giving the intensity of this guys power. Then finally force pull your lightsaber and with a small twirl do the infamous darth maul to qui-gon backstab.

Focusing on vader prevents the requirement for adding any new characters that if not researched properly, could leave holes in the story line.

DMM and EUPHORIA could've been easily explored since vast areas wouldn't be required... BTW There was no DMM in this game at all...

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