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I am sorry, but my tool uses PHP language, which is a web programming language, so it needs a PHP-enabled WWW-server to work. I can't create C++ or Java, even FreePascal programs, since I don't know these languages well enough.

I'm afraid, I will have no time to find the bugs in it, especially since we have finished the translation. Generally it works (the translation of was error-free, speech info uses a more complex index table), but rarely it wrongs the index table of the edited file, and these errors are hard to correct, (sometimes it is hard even to notice them, my translated looked right, but a lot of voices ceased to exist in the game). So if somebody wants it, it is 'as is' (like the half-sunken boat at Stan's in Monkey 1 ).

Anyway, you will need some programming experience to re-program the library's scripts which handle the card catalog, if you want an ordered catalog system in your language. It is in original LucasArts scripting language, and can be re-programmed by using some Scumm tools like ScumRev, scummrp, etc. I did it once by creating an ordered library catalog in Hungarian, and I can give more info about this if somebody is interested.

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DUNSTAN, How's your translation tool? You are 100% working?
Could make available for testing, do not understand programming, and is difficult to create a tool for this purpose.

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