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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
What I don't understand is how does this upsets people? Why do you think he releases and re-releases the movies (now in 3D)? Because people want it, and are willing to pay for it. Is he to blame? It's as I said before, why do people complaint about George milking the cash cow if people like it's milk? People have different tastes, all we have to do is to deal with it.

People have a problem with it because it often results in him creating new things of poor quality or reducing the quality of existing things, in order to maximize profit on potential toy and paraphernalia sales.

In fact, his obsession with toy sales is one of the primary reasons the movies started decreasing in quality after ESB (although I personally loved RotJ). He found he was making more money on toys than the movies, and decided to focus on movies with easily-exploitable characters/vehicles for toys, rather than a solid story. This was the problem with the PT and all this Clone Wars nonsense. Low-quality goods.

As someone above commented - it's about diminishing returns as well.

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