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Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post
People have a problem with it because it often results in him creating new things of poor quality or reducing the quality of existing things, in order to maximize profit on potential toy and paraphernalia sales.
Are you saying that a movie with a good story doesn't sell as much toys as a movie with a poor story? And who defines quality?

Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post
In fact, his obsession with toy sales is one of the primary reasons the movies started decreasing in quality after ESB (although I personally loved RotJ). He found he was making more money on toys than the movies, and decided to focus on movies with easily-exploitable characters/vehicles for toys, rather than a solid story.
No. "movies with easily-exploitable characters/vehicles for toys" can be applied to any Star Wars movie. That's not a good excuse. The story of the prequels could never have the same feeling as the OT, no matter how good it was done. The story hasn't the same formula, since it's not about a hero and his companions (story that brings a closer proximity to the audience).

Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post
This was the problem with the PT and all this Clone Wars nonsense. Low-quality goods.
Low-quality is subjective. The OT is not without it's faults, and the PT has it's virtues. As for the "Clone Wars nonsense", have you seen the series at all? How much they've progressed ever since the theatrical movie?

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