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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Are you saying that a movie with a good story doesn't sell as much toys as a movie with a poor story? And who defines quality?

Not necessarily, but a focus on toy-production will always help. Read up on Gary Kurtz's comments on all this. It brings an interesting perspective. George Lucas made it a profit-loss situation more than anything, which is deeply saddening.

Quality is defined by, for SW, the classic SW fans, who loved SW before the PT, IMO. It's subjective, but there is objectivity in it as well. OT definitely trumped PT in quality of story and character connection.

No. "movies with easily-exploitable characters/vehicles for toys" can be applied to any Star Wars movie. That's not a good excuse. The story of the prequels could never have the same feeling as the OT, no matter how good it was done. The story hasn't the same formula, since it's not about a hero and his companions (story that brings a closer proximity to the audience).

I again point to Gary Kurtz. And saying that the PT "could never have the same feeling as the OT" is REALLY a what-if scenario - no one can adequately discern this. Your statement is unnecessarily definitive.

Low-quality is subjective. The OT is not without it's faults, and the PT has it's virtues. As for the "Clone Wars nonsense", have you seen the series at all? How much they've progressed ever since the theatrical movie?

No one said the OT was superior in every regard. I certainly don't think so. But overall, it is. As for CW stuff - I LOVED the cartoons, which were NOT directed by Lucas (thank God). The CG movie was an embarrassment to SW fans everywhere. I've heard the new CG shows are pretty decent, and do intend to watch them. But this isn't where it stops - the milking of CW nonsense has permeated video games to a sickening degree - LucasArts is basically one of the ****tiest gaming companies around, which has been exacerbated by the horrid CW-themed games (SWRC is an exception to this). And the EU books dealing with the CW tend to pale in comparison to other-era EU books.

Originally Posted by Kj°len View Post
I'm going to repeat myself. The Mandalorians have been made... PACIFISTS.

To be fair that's only a sect of Mandalorians. That being said, I bet a lot of people won't get that.

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