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Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post
but there is objectivity in it as well. OT definitely trumped PT in quality of story and character connection.
Character connection, yes. As for story, they are too different. But the question remains. Just because the OT has more quality (whatever that means) than the PT, does it mean the PT has no quality?

Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post
No one said the OT was superior in every regard. I certainly don't think so. But overall, it is. As for CW stuff - I LOVED the cartoons, which were NOT directed by Lucas (thank God). The CG movie was an embarrassment to SW fans everywhere. I've heard the new CG shows are pretty decent, and do intend to watch them. But this isn't where it stops - the milking of CW nonsense has permeated video games to a sickening degree - LucasArts is basically one of the ****tiest gaming companies around, which has been exacerbated by the horrid CW-themed games (SWRC is an exception to this).
I'm not sure how the theme of a game is the problem. There has been what lately? Three Clone Wars themed games? One of them was fairly well received. The other two, not so much. Then there was TFU which was fairly well received too, and TFUII, which was what everyone can see. The problem is quality control. Be it a Clone Wars game, or the next Jedi Knight.

Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post
To be fair that's only a sect of Mandalorians. That being said, I bet a lot of people won't get that.
Yes, forgot to say that. The pacifist is just one of the factions.

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