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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
*looks at post 2749094 and sees it's sabre*
Uhh...You didn't do anything...?

Don't feel guilty anyways. You never came across as someone with shame--you gonna start on me now?
But by continuing with his devious deviation as thread starter I'd be condoning his actions and yadda yadda.

And, true, I'm shameless.

Ok, this poll rocks. I'll vote Sheepman out because, c'mon, he doesn't even look like a robot.

9) Splash WOMAN
Show spoiler

8) Clown Man
Show spoiler

7) Slash Man
Show spoiler

6) Plant Man
Show spoiler

5) Napalm Man
Show spoiler

4) Pharaoh Man
Show spoiler

3) Gemini Man
Show spoiler

2) Metal Man (Sorry but Heat Man is disqualified since I have him as an av and that would be favoritism)
Show spoiler

1) ElecMan
Show spoiler

BTW, where are the those really ludicrous bosses? Like Tornado Tonion (sp?) and that Whale Man named after some Gun's and Roses band member?


.Bioshock inspiration.
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