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Lyna gently touched her cheek as well. A little scratch, nothing big. Maybe she needed more training. But after the original Lyna died, this clone was twice as skillful than the old Lyna. Still, a little more training would do.

The young woman glanced around, seeing crowds of people as well after watching their sparring. She then turned to Isaac. "You're right. Let's get going." She turned to walk towards the landing platform, where she left her ship, Justice, at.


Cut the crap! I hardly have the time, nor patience to deal with you. Get to the point..."

Rav chuckled darkly. "Same as always too. I've been having problems with this one smuggler. She's been stealing my shipments and I want it to end. So I figured: if I asked you for the job, you'd probably want it. The bounty: 100,000 creds." He showed Reaper the picture of the smuggler. She had long blonde hair, fair skin, and red goggles on. "She goes by the name of Midnight. Find her and you get your creds, lad."
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