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"Same as always too. I've been having problems with this one smuggler. She's been stealing my shipments and I want it to end. So I figured: if I asked you for the job, you'd probably want it. The bounty: 100,000 creds."

Reaper stared long at the image Rav had displayed. An image of a girl, with the same face and blonde hair but wore Red Goggles. ...That face... it couldnt possibly...

"She goes by the name of Midnight. Find her and you get your creds, lad."

"Maybe theres a good reason why she's taking your shipments; your not exactly the type of person whom distributes baby bottles to human colonies. For all I know, she could be doing everybody else a favour..." Reaper crossed his arms. "I want to know whats in the shipments, if I am going to bother helping you."
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