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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
BTW, where are the those really ludicrous bosses? Like Tornado Tonion (sp?) and that Whale Man named after some Gun's and Roses band member?
Ah, you're referring to the X series where the main hero is MegaMan X (just call him X for short and yes there is a difference).

The bosses of X series are not of men and women, rather of primarily animals, elements, plants, and occasionally foods.

Tornado Tonion (yes you spelled it correctly) is a boss of X7. AKA Tornado Debonian (トルネード・デボニオン, Torunēdo Debonion) in Japan.

I'm positive the whale character is X5's Duff McWhalen as he is known in America, A.K.A. Tidal Makkoeen (タイダル・マッコイーン) in Japan.

I eliminate #5 Napalm Man. While a badass fighter and concept in arguably the most difficult NES chapter of the original series, (BTW I love the color scheme of both his armor and the armor you get form his weapon), I'm sorry to say that he's not as memorable as the others here. Plus his sprite scheme is hardly original as it bears some similarity to both Needle Man (MM3) and Air Man (MM2).

9) Splash WOMAN
Show spoiler

8) Clown Man
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7) Slash Man
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6) Plant Man
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4) Pharaoh Man
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3) Gemini Man
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2) Metal Man (Sorry but Heat Man is disqualified since I have him as an av and that would be favoritism)
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1) ElecMan
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That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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