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Star Wars The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance.

I am now curious to see this Darth Howl on the emperor's dark council. I'm in the middle so forgive me that this is not a complete summary.

So far this has been interesting. It is set some time later on when Satele Shan is a bit older and is a master of the Jedi council.

You have on the republic side: Satelle Shan's Padawan, and an elite trooper.

You have wildcards like the mandalorians and a scoundrel smuggler with his crew of un-reputable "scum and villainy". The Hutts of course are controlling a certain prize to their benefit. And this prize supposedly is such a big thing it might be dangerous enough to where the two sides have to coexist.

You have on the Empire's side: a Sith Apprentice determined to get back at the mandalorian who has goteen the better of her, and her master Darth Crattis (presumably that's him on the cover). Also an agent keeping an eye on things, who has infiltrated some of the highest seats in the republic as a politician. (Wow, who'd have thought? ) His role is probably the most complex and detailed.

The intrigue of the plot is probably one of the high points--it certainly has kept me coming back to keep reading more.

There are several main characters but no one 'star' of the whole story. Unlike The Phantom Menace, however, the details are fleshed out for all characters (unlike in a movie or the comics where just the main points are conveyed) and done so in a balanced manner. You can actually choose whichever character you want to follow--or so it seems. There is so much depth and development even in just the little bits and chunks so far only 10 chapters into it.

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I'm reading Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil for the fifth time. I just can't put it down.
IMO The best part (besides the last fight between master and apprentice) was Bane going to Prakith to storm the pyramid of Darth Andeddu.

I also enjoyed that fight between the iktotchi huntress and Set Harth.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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