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Bastion of Light

Masked Felix

One year post TSL: As the Jedi students practice, something evil arrives among them.

You need to remember to do a visual edit of the work, and trust your spell checker. You used awnser when it should be answer. Also remember to put in the ‘ for words like don’t.

The piece is nice and foreboding. You know help is on the way, but will they arrive in time?

Defluo: Nyx

TSL on Citadel Station: In an alternate universe the Exile and Atton meet in more congenial circumstances.

The piece has a nice flow, the characters sliding neatly into place. If there is more, I want to see it.


TSL after Malachor V: The crew gets to see an interesting sight.

The piece is funny, how both the Disciple and Atton pick up black eyes is choice, and the acrimonious discussion was just too fun.

Pick of the Week


Pre KOTOR: A bitter parting

Like most of DWH’s stuff, this hits pretty hard. The pair are the perfect odd couple, and you can picture them twenty years later much the same way. The leave taking was harsh in that he did not give her time to even argue. The only thing I think that would have made it better is if she had followed.

Second Chances

19 years post KOTOR: Revan and her husband Carth decide on their own to find their missing son.

The piece flows very well, the antipathy Telos has for the Jedi well explained.

Pick of the Week

Just a Name

Pre KOTOR: Revan and Malak decide they have to have new names before they challenge the Mandalorians

The piece is interesting in that they choose new names so the Republic won’t know who is helping them. The characters are the same, yet there is also foreboding.


Home Sweet Home
Revans Pet Duck

KOTOR on Dantooine: Mission deals with the loss of her home world

The piece is very well done, showing the misery Mission is going through, and highlighting the attempt by some in the crew to help her deal with it.

Averting obsession

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: Revan and Carth deal with their emotions, one in hope the other in fear

The piece was excellent. Revan remembering her and Malak pushes Carth aside. Her reasoning is as one reviewer commented, once burned, twice shy. Very well done.

Pick of the Week


Pre KOTOR: The duel between Quarta and Juhani

The piece is good because we have heard about this fight, but never actually seen it. The teacher goading the student beyond relief is well done, and the fight well choreographed.

Pick of the Week

Viva Bastila

Post KOTOR: When Helena dies, Bastila is cast adrift

The piece is well wrought because we knew from the story that Helena is terminally ill, but how does a Jedi, especially Bastila who has proven to have more depth of emotion than she originally showed, going to deal with it? Everyone portrayed was well done.

Pick of the Week

I am Revan

Originally reviewed 6 Oct 2006

Another look at the reaction to this revelation from KOTOR

I can’t think of anything really good to say about this that hasn‘t already been said. The reason is that 17 people gave it a thumbs up, and 14 commented before me, and quite honestly, I don’t want the kid to get a swelled head. This is fantastic work.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Blue Side of the Force: Book I- Complements, Chapter 1

KOTOR on Taris: What if the captive wanted to tag along rather than merely escape?

In Davik’s stronghold, you find someone who had the key to the hanger shield, but all he wants to do is escape. Changing him into a woman and having her join the party is an interesting take on the situation.

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