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Oh, we're going to be fighting Ewoks. Oooh-aaah. Also a guy whose tactic when fighting Sith is to let them take his gun away and a girl. Sounds thrilling, can't wait.

Darth Maul costume... yeeeeaaaaah, so essentially the big news here is that we're getting back something we already had in TFU1. And unless they give us the double-bladed saber and the fighting style to go along with the looks, it's going to be just as lame, too.

Crystals, challenges... got those already, lame, move along.

The Deak Starkiller costume really shows just how desperate and uncreative LA are at the moment, dredging up character concepts that had been rejected thirty years ago. Also, is it just me or does Deak look rather feminine in that close-up screenshot? The wide chest and shoulders kinda spoil it, but looking just at the head it kinda seems to me like it's a girl under that mask.
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