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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
How does the Deak Starkiller costume (which is supposed to be an easter egg for fans) shows desperation or uncreativeness from LucasArts?
It's not supposed to be an easter egg, it's supposed to be a DLC and/or Collector's Edition content that you pay extra for. I really have no idea what LA are thinking. The costume selection in TFU2 is lousy, no Sith robes (the Dark Clone outfit is more of a coat than a robe), no Jedi robes, instead we have crap like fifteen versions of generic stormtrooper armor and a neimoidian. I mean, come on! Who wants to run around as a neimoidian with a lightsaber? And of course Boba Fett. Every SW game has to have a Fett in it, that's so damn old I'd have my mind blown if he hadn't been included. And then they come up with the idea that hey, maybe we'd be willing to pay them some more money to finally get a decent costume. And their idea of that is....? A goofy-looking character concept rejected thirty years ago with hair that's apparently made of plastic and wearing pink tights. Yeah, that's the stuff! I'm getting all excited.
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