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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
So, just because some outfits don't meet your tastes (it may meet others), does it mean they are bad or that LucasArts is desperate?
^ This. I mean, just look at my avatar. If I didn't like it, why would I have it as my avatar. I think the Dark Clone costume is completely badass.

Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
Well let's see. I said they lack creativity. Creativity, that means creating something new, right? And using an old rejected concept for no other reason than to milk some more money out of the customers, does that qualify as creating something new? What do you think?
In a way it actually is creative. It's never been brought into any Starwars game ever made until now. And if you don't like that idea then well you shouldn't have gotten the Collector's Edition then if you hate it so much.

"All too easy."
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