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Mass Effect: Genesis

*warning - this RP contains major spoilers for the Mass Effect Universe from both games. Viewer Discretion is recomended*


2186 CE, one year has passed since the Capture of the Collector Base within the Omega 4 relay. The Black Ops Human Survivalist organisation titled Cerberus has performed extensive study on Collector and Reaper Technology, but yet to discover their full capabilities.

The Citadel Council has completely disregarded and denied the existance of the alien Reapers - an intelligent race of synthetic/organic machines. Since the attack from Sovereign and the Geth three years ago, the theories of Reapers have been reduced down to nothing more than mere beliefs and legends amongst the locals.

To the attention of a freighter crew, a derelict starship has passed through the Omega 4 relay with the iconic Cerberus logo imprinted on the outer shell...

Yay, a Mass Effect rp Alright, after strong consideration of the plot, this the timeline structure from the last two games that suit the needs for this RP:

- Commander Shepard is Male, a paragon Spectre and saved the Citadel Council from the Geth Attack in the first game.

- During the second game, he preserved the Collector Base for Cerberus to study, in order to combat the Reaper Threat. ((I admit, I always destroyed the base during my playthroughs for moral reasons lol. But this comes into exception))

- Shepard and Legion reprogrammed the Heretic Geth to oppose the Reapers

- Mordin and Shepard decided to keep a copy of the data regarding the cure to the Krogan Genophage."

- Liara has become the new Shadow Broker, as well as the commander's primary love interest.

Like my previous RP, this will be organised into three parts. Anybody is welcome to join, as long as they have a basic understanding of the Mass Effect Universe (if not; I recomend going out and playing the games, or visit theMass Effect Wiki). General RP Rules apply.

The first part will consist of the Freelance Transport Crew of the starship freighter The Valkyrie, whom discovers a derelict Cerberus Vessel drifting from the Omega 4 relay. What they find on board that ship will set the course of events, as well as explain the RP's title

Here is how you should present your Character Bio-Sheet

Pre-Service History: (Spacer, Colonist, Homeworlder)
Psycological Profile:
Facial Identification: (Your characters overall Appearance >.> just a pic or description will be fine)

In terms of introducing your character, you can either be: a crew member, someone they meet at the Omega Station, or even during the RP. If we get enough participants, we'll start from after the crew visits the derelict ship, and on its way to the Omega Station.

I'll post my character sheet soon. But in the meantime, feel free to join and enjoy

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