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Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
In a way it actually is creative. It's never been brought into any Starwars game ever made until now. And if you don't like that idea then well you shouldn't have gotten the Collector's Edition then if you hate it so much.
What the hell's up with you fanboy's bashing people who have gripes about the game. You like it , keep it to yourself... Anyway the general mentality doesn't seem inclined to be in your favour... About 80% of the gaming crowd found it pathetic. Not just your average gamer, but gaming websites as well. the reviews were abysmal, yet you still continue to praise and applaud the game.

Well the majority of us feel that LA should be completely flushed, start brainstorming and come up with new concepts. Whether the company does that or no is up to them, But if they do, you'll just have to make your peace with it. P.S. Gamespot score for the game was a "mediocre" 5.5 . Oh and deak starkiller????? George Lucas should put a bullet in himself after seeing that as his company's "Creativity".

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