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Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
I mean, just look at my avatar. If I didn't like it, why would I have it as my avatar. I think the Dark Clone costume is completely badass.
Actually, you don't. What you have is the cinematics version, with the hood up. Yes it's a slight difference, but c'mon, it does kinda ruin the in-game version, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
This again...well first, I wasn't bashing on him for not liking the costume. I was telling him that there are people who like it(myself and others) and some that just don't. And for the Deak Starkiller skin..if you don't want it, then don't get the CE, it's that simple. TBH though, I do think the Deak skin looks sooooo stupid, but you have to admit that it's never been done before.
Yes it's never been done before, but as I said, that's for a good reason. You might just as well say that a gorilla suit costume has never been done before in SW, but that still doesn't make that a good idea or change the fact that it a) doesn't belong into SW and b) look lame.
For the record I do like the Dark Clone costume, my actual complaint was that the game contains no jedi or sith robes. As I said, the Dark Clone costume doesn't really qualify as robes, definitely not when you compare it to the robes from the first game with the huge flowing black cloak. It's more of a jacket with a hood, which look kinda odd. I mean, what the hell? A game about Jedi and Sith with no robes? That's like making a game about Nazis with no jackboots or stahlhelms in it.

The Guybrush Threepwood skin is stupid. Stupid character from a stupid game.
Actually it's a pretty cool character from a pretty cool game, speaking of course about the 1990s ones. Haven't played the modern ones, nor do I plan to.
I don't get what it's doing in the game, either. Was it supposed to be like an easter egg? Then why wasn't it hidden like an easter egg should be? Or is the game so dumbed down that even easter eggs are presented to the gamer on a silver platter with no actual effort required to get them? Like I said, I don't get it. It was probably supposed to be funny, but somehow I don't find taking a completely unrelated character and randomly sticking him in the middle of a SW game to be amusing.

" I guess you consider.." "because of people like YOU" man you guys in the Force Unleashed forums are really judgmental. Like Chris Tucker says in Rush Hour 1 "Man don't act like you know me! You don't know me!"
Like I said, I don't mean to be hostile. And yes, I don't know you, I base my reactions solely on what you write in your posts.
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