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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
You could try to explain, but I understand that there is no possible explanation.
I did try, several times, and in increasing levels of detail. You still don't see it, that's your problem. Of course, you could just be leading me on and making me feed you, in which case shame on me for going along with it so long. Most other people here understood where I was coming from after the first or second post.

No. When someone bought the collector's edition, they knew they were going to receive the Deak skin. If they knew it and still bought the game, then it means they don't mind it at all, or that they even like this little homage. Don't bring another strawman in the future.
Yeah, they knew they were going to receive the Deak skin. What they didn't know is that they could get it with the regular edition as well. I did say that. Now I don't care if you're ignoring that point on purpose or are just not capable of grasping it, but I'm done with it.

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
That's correct. Although technically, even if he were to fully dedicated to either side, he was never a Jedi or a Sith because the Jedi and Sith are organized affiliations, of which he has never been formally inducted into either one. He's essentially just a lightsaber-wielding Force user.
That's my opinoin as well, but that didn't stop them from giving him jedi and sith robes in the first game. He's not a shapeshifter either, and yet he can assume the appearance of a neimoidian or wear a TIE flight suit that he presumably found in Vader's TIE fighter even though there's no reason for it to have been there. They're just costumes.

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